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Do you do holiday mini-sessions?

I do offer mini-sessions but they probably aren't like the mini-sessions you're thinking of. I don't have a  holiday backdrop and you don't come to my place for a 10 minute session. Instead, I do offer, in the weeks leading up to the holidays a deal. $100 for a twenty-minute session at your place (or a location of your choosing) with 3 edited digital images and fast turn around (within 4 days). We can shoot in front of your own Christmas tree or other holiday decor. We can go to your favorite park or garden. Whatever you prefer. 

Can we do a couple of posed shots for the grandparents during our lifestyle session?

Of course. I tend to try to get these out of the way at the top of the shoot, since if you're hiring me, you probably aren't all that into posing - and honestly - I'm not all that into posing you either (haha). But sometimes we need a little warm up first too. Either way, posing will be fast and as painless as possible. And sometimes it happens organically and you don't even see it coming. Those are my favorite "posed" shots.

What should my family and I wear for our documentary-style session?

You are welcome to wear whatever you'd like, but I do advise people to dress in a way that will be comfortable for them. If you're a t-shirt and jeans kind of family do that. I want you in as close to your natural state as makes you comfortable. Also consider location and context. These sessions are not tightly posed, they are loose and casual and we may take a walk up a steep street or run around in the sand on the beach. 

When can I expect my photos?

4-6 weeks, but it really depends on how busy I am. I do try to get images done in as timely a fashion as possible. That said, if you are in need of fast turn-around, please let me know and we can usually work something out. 

What's up with editing/color correcting?

I only send out edited photos, as a rule. I do all my own editing and color correcting and I have cultivated my own style over the years and wish for my images to be recognizable as mine. I will usually send out a mix of color and black and white photos, unless you request otherwise ahead of time. When I do make the decision to convert to black and white, it's for a reason. BUT if you absolutely must have a black and white image in color, I will definitely grant that request. 

Can I get all the images you shot?

Typically, I will go through and pick what I deem the best of the best images from what I shot. If you wish to see alternative versions of the chosen shots I am willing to send a contact sheet of selected images. If you decide you want a large number of edited images (more than is included in your package) or ALL the images, I do charge an extra $50 to $200 (depending on the number of images) for that. Editing a large number of images takes time, so a wait of two or three weeks for all the images should be expected. 

How do you send the images?

To your email address via a Wetransfer link. 

How many edited images will I receive?

That depends on your package. Basic family sessions typically get about 10 edited images. Mini-sessions get around 5. Events depend on the length of the event. 

How and when do I pay you?

I accept cash, check, or venmo. I accept payment by the day of the shoot, unless you are booking an event longer than 2 hrs in which case I do require a $100 non-refundable deposit at booking via venmo. 

How do I book you to shoot my comedy show or other live performance?

Email me! I love shooting comedy, music and dance. It's my passion. I tend to charge $35-$50 for comedy shows depending on location and day of the week. 

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